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Eunice has the following open issues (enhancements/bugs) ordered highest priority first.

If you'd like to be kept up to date on recent developments, potential future direction and my thoughts on related concepts, there is also a blog.

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  1. dependencies on files in the root directory have parent of ".."
  2. add Java analysis
  3. add Python analysis
  4. add C analysis
  5. add C++ analysis
  6. add Go analysis
  7. add Swift analysis
  8. add F# analysis
  9. add Rust analysis
  10. add PHP analysis
  11. redundant hierarchy when root namespaces match assembly name
  12. add additional information to existing items in stack files
  13. existing item sub-stacks for children and descendants
  14. root create/modify stack in web interface
  15. YAML mapping keys for item identifiers instead of "id"
  16. improve dependency terminology
  17. first item in a multi-item level has no line feed in YAML
  18. add TypeScript analysis
  19. YAML edit responsiveness affected by duration of render
  20. NPM packages are either ignored or analysed fully
  21. dark theme for UI