reverse file content

JavaScript files are expected to be ordered so that a function is after calls of it, this can be reversed with:

npx eunice --is-file-content-reversed=true

ignore paths

Files and sub-directories with names that start with a "." or are named node_modules are ignored by default.

A regular expression can be specified to override the default:

npx eunice --ignore-path-pattern="(^|/)(\..*|node_modules)$"

The forward slash character is converted to an escaped backslash when backslash is the path segment separator.

Babel parser plugins

Babel parser plugins for Flow, JSX and TypeScript are enabled by default. To override:

npx eunice --babel-parser-plugins=flow --babel-parser-plugins=jsx

source directories

Only the current directory is included in analysis by default. Multiple sources of analysis can be specified:

npx eunice --directories=directory1 --directories=directory2

stack from directory

When multiple sources of analysis are specified (see source directories), a directory of stack files (.devsnicket-eunice-stack.yaml) can be applied to the combined sources:

npx eunice --directories=directory1 --directories=directory2 --directory-to-create-or-add-to-stacks-from=stacks-directory

modify file stacks

A file can be specified that specifies a stack to modify the structure of all files. It does not add new items and is not applied to the sub-stacks within files.

npx eunice --modify-file-stacks-file=stacks.yaml

root item

Identifiers for a parent root items can also be specified for each source directory (see source directories):

npx eunice --directories=directory1 --root-item-identifiers=prefixForDirectory1 --directories=directory2 --root-item-identifiers=prefixForDirectory2

output files

For additional output files of SVG or YAML:

npx eunice --output-svg --output-yaml

To name the output files differently or in a different directory:

npx eunice --output-base-file-name=eunice-file --output-directory-path=eunice-directory

To disable the default output file of HTML:

npx eunice --output-html=false

NPM packages

Packages installed in the node_modules directory are not analysed by default (see ignore paths). They can included using the "directories" option above or with:

npx eunice --package-names=package1 --package-names=package2

To aid readability a package prefix and scope can also be specified that will not be included in the output:

// e.g. @scope/prefix-package npx eunice --package-names=package --package-prefix=prefix- --package-scope=scope